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Non Surgical PDO Thread Face Lift in Central London

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PDO Thread Facelift Starting from: £1000

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Dissolvable Thread Lift is a technologically innovative solution
that redefines the face by giving it the lift it deserves.

What Is a Facelift Surgery?

Facelift surgery, clinically termed as rhytidectomy, is performed to minimise facial wrinkles and other signs of aging. The main objective of the treatment procedure is to render an improved overall appearance. It helps resolving and reversing the harmful effects of stress, and signs of ageing on your face. With this method, a plastic surgeon lifts and tightens the muscles underlying the skin tissue to enhance your facial appearance aesthetically. It rejuvenates the facial structure by eliminating the extra fat and skin pockets that contributes in dull and aged appearance. 

What Is a Thread Facelift?

A thread facelift surgery is a minimally invasive and convenient alternative to traditional facelifts, introduced for people with early signs of ageing, such as slightly sagged and drooped skin. During the process, small incisions are made and thin threads are inserted into the skin. These threads are pulled in to lift the skin and tighten the underlying tissue for a smoother and refined appearance. It takes only a couple of hours to get the surgery done without local anesthesia. The treated area gets a lift immediately, eliminating droopy skin and restoring the lost charm through enhanced appearance.

thread lift before-after

What is PDO Thread Therapy?

PDO thread therapy found its origin in the traditional thread lifting technique and oriental acupuncture therapy. Its main function is to control and improve stimulation of skin tissue and contraction of underlying muscles. A fine needle and absorbable thread is all that is used in the PDO lift in London.

To sum up the special features of PDO thread therapy:

  • An effective and skillful cosmetic treatment to lift and tighten sagged skin tissue
  • Provides a new definition to facial contours
  • The lifting effect generally lasts for a couple of years and gives the most accomplished result after 6 months due to collagen formation around the thread



Process involved in the therapy

The procedure involves insertion of the thread coil with a needle into the subcutaneous layer of skin. When the needle is removed, the threads remain implanted in the skin. This process is repeated multiple times to achieve the desired results. This process activates the natural regeneration that heals the wound and contracts tissues through mechanical stimulation. All the while, you will be under local anesthesia, and as the treatment of threading facelift moves towards completion, you can carry on with your regular routine within a couple of days.

thread facelift before-after

PDO Thread Indications:

This effective treatment can be performed to correct particular features on the face and body. 


  • Round, Sagging Face - Non Surgical Face Lift 
  • Moderate to severe jowls, nasolabial folds, marionette lines
  • Any level of drooping of the eyebrows and forehead 
  • Increased Collagen in under eye circles, cheeks, nasolabial folds, skin furrows 
  • Improving skin texture to correct wrinkles, pores, laxity and pigmentation, 


  • Neck & Cleavage Skin Furrows 
  • Stretch Marks 
  • Breast Firming & Shaping 
  • Stubborn Fat Deposits (Arms, Belly, Love Handles, Buttocks) 
  • Hands 

To give a lift to your sagging facial skin, get in touch with us for a hot coffee and we will plan a way out to render you a beautiful and smooth skin.

thread facelift before-after

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PDO thread lift right for me?

Men and women alike can benefit from PDO thread lift treatment. Signs of aging can be reduced for anyone who has significant sagging in the skin. General facial sagging is normal but affects everyone differently therefore the type of PDO treatment required may differ from individual to individual but the treatment is widely appropriate for everyone.

Is PDO thread facelift safe?

In a word,Yes. PDO threads are soluble surgical sutures used in modern medicine and are clinically-proven to be safe. The process has been through rigorous clinical trials and the material, polydioxanone, has been used in reconstructive surgery for a safe years.

What are the PDO Threads made of?

These threads are 100% Polydioxanone which is a clinically proven bio-compatible and bio-absorbable material that is already widely used medical suturing.

When can I expect to see results?

There will be immediate improvements to the treated area after the procedure but the full effect will be apparent 2-6months from the procedure. This s due to Collagen growth, which will be provides a natural lift to your skin. In time the PDO threads will dissolve and the Collagen will hold your skin in its now enhanced position.

How long do results last?

PDO threading can last up to 2-3 years, providing the individual has a relatively healthier lifestyle. The longevity of the treatment will be affected by the individuals age and habits, such as smoking, lack of sleep in a prolonged period, and excessive sun damage.

Can I combine PDO threading with other cosmetic treatments?

Additional treatments with PDO threading are possible. For example, wrinkle fillers and chemical peels can also be used to give you even better results.

Are there any side effects?

Although very rare, there may be some temporary swelling and tightness in the treated area for a short period following the procedure.

How much does a PDO lift cost?

The cost of PDO threading begins at £1000 and the procedure will usually last around 30 minutes.

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