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The Lynton ProMax Lipo

Prices from £95 per treatment

Using not one but an amazing three different technologies The ProMaxLipo targets a range of different conditions. Ultrasound cavitation is a process whereby sound waves permeate fat cells. This action allows the fat to escape to be metabolised giving instant inch-loss and a long term reduction in even very stubborn areas of fat, usually in the abdomen and upper thighs, that are often resistant to exercise.

Applied to the skin to heat it gently, the ProMaxLipo uses safe, effective radiofrequency to the skin. When cellulite is being targeted the skin’s deepest layers will be heated so that blood circulation is increased. The application of vacuum massage is the next step and that will encourage drainage of the fatty deposits that will be expelled into the lymphatic system, with fibrous tissue breakdown ultimately leading to the volume of fat cells being reduced.

When it is used for skin tightening the heating action of the ProMaxLipo will accelerate the production of collagen, which in time will lead to the contraction of collagen fibres, and the skin will be restructured and tightened. The results are particularly good in post pregnancy skin that has become ‘lax’ as well as tightening of the facial skin.

What can I expect after my treatment?

The area that has been treated might be a little pink for a little while after treatment, but this will soon be resolved. You will be able to carry on with your normal activities right away. Because some triglycerides will be metabolized through the urinary system, you may need to go to the toilet more often. This is normal. We do recommend that you drink more water for a while after you have had treatment so that the removal process of the fat cells is increased. Straight after treatment you skin may feel firmer that that will be because the collagen fibres have contracted improving the elasticity of the skin.

How Many Treatments will I need for body & face ?

We usually recommend a course of six to eight sessions if you are looking for tightening of your facial skin and for reduction of cellulite or slimming generally, we say eight to ten treatments.

The Consultation Process.

Before any treatment you will have a consultation with one of our qualified Lynton Promax Practitioners, you will be assessed and given a personalised treatment plan if suitable for the treatment.

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