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Skin Types

Skin Type is genetic. It cannot be changed. However, regular treatment can help normalize skin and maintain its health, colour, and tone.


Good condition and tone, elasticity; soft, moist, plump. Sufficient sebum (oil) and moisture. Free of blemishes. Even colour with no blotchiness. Treatment helps to maintain overall good health and hygiene, stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage, and address any changes before they become problematic.


Lacking oil. May be sensitive or blemished, thick or thin. Treatment can help stimulate sebaceous glands to produce oil and retain moisture needed to keep the skin lubricated.


Overabundance of sebum. May or may not be blemished. Large pores. Treatment will hlp normalize the production of sebum and clear any congestion, comedones or blemishes by cleansing impurities from follicles.


Dry and Oily areas, usually oily in the "T" Zone. Treatment can help normalize function of sebaceous glands and improve the overall health and appearance.


Thinner, more delicate skin that over-reacts, may have uneven texture and hot spots. Treatment can help calm, soothe and gently cleanse whilst not over stimulating to improve tone and texture.



This skin condition lacks moisture due to possible incorrect product use, diet, medication, or environmental factors. It may feel tight and appear flaky with tiny fine lines yet may be oily or congested. Treatment will infuse the upper layers of the skin with moisture, provide that drink of water dehydrated skin desperately needs. Consultation and review determines causation and how best to rectify this condition permanently.


Irritable to heat, products, and friction, this skin will be red and inflamed with irregular texture and hot spots due to incorrect product usage, medication, sun, pollution, and stress. Treatment will help calm and normalize skin whilst an in-depth review of products and protocol will aid prevention.


Devitalized, dull, pigmented, loose skin, wrinkles, visible capillaries, and oil dry. Aging Skin may feel coarse, dry, rough, leathery. It suffers from poor circulation and over exposure to sun, stress, smoking, polution, and free-radicals. Treatment can stimulate collagen production, remove disjuncture, improve circulation. With appropriate care, products, and advanced targeted services, we can turn back the hands of time!

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