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Muscle Relaxing Injections

Muscle Relaxing Injections cosmetic Clinical use of Muscle Relaxing Injections® is the result of more than 100 years of study into Muscle Relaxing Injections type A. Muscle Relaxing Injections® is one of the world's most widely-researched medicines with approximately 2,300 publications in peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals. Muscle Relaxing Injections® is a purified protein that works by blocking overactive nerve impulses that trigger excessive muscle contractions. The effect is temporary and lasts from approximately three to ten months, depending on the individual patient and indication. Muscle Relaxing Injections® therapy should only be administered by a trained and qualified physician.


Medik8Medik8 is the British skin research company pioneering cosmeceutical technologies to make the most effective ingredients suitable for even the most sensitive skin, yet crucially without compromising efficacy. Medik8 cosmeceuticals may be used by everyone. Apart from being kinder to the skin, it turns out this new technology is kinder to the planet too. That's why Medik8 is known as the "Green Cosmeceutical" brand.

Effective, Long-Lasting and Safe - The Teosyal range, manufactured in Switzerland by Teoxane Laboratories and distributed in the UK by Lifestyle Aesthetics, consists of several monophasic hyaluronic acid based products of non-animal origin, which are highly biocompatible, offering patients immediate and long-lasting results. Its high hydrating capacity can absorb upto 1000 times its own weight in water and is visco-elastic to mainain the skins elasticity and form a dense, interlocking mesh.

Obagi is a world-renowned pioneer in skin care. It's unique range of highly-targeted systems are designed to nourish, rejuvenate and brighten every skin type and tone. Developed carefully by leading skin care experts, Obagi achieves lasting beauty that never fades.

The Pulsed Oxygen Pressure Injection: Special cosmetic formulations and oxygen penetrate the epidermis by the appliance of high pulsed pressure and formulate a deposit of active ingredients in the deep layers of the skin. The skin appears smooth and firm, pigmentation disorders and impurities are reduced. The pulsed oxygen vitalises and energises the skin and makes it look fresh and healthy.

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