Non-Surgical Nose Job

Non-Surgical Nose Job
Non-surgical nose job is the new alternative to rhinoplasty. This procedure involves the use of a hyaluronic acid (dermal filler) which is injected into the nose disguising any imperfections and resulting in a straighter and more perfect looking nose.

If you are currently unhappy about the shape of your nose rather than the size then the non-surgical nose job can be used in various ways to straighten excess curvature and small bumps. A tip correction can also be carried out which involves inserting dermal filler into the tip of the nose to give an upturned appearance. This would result in asymmetrical and defined nasal contours.

The procedure takes about thirty minutes and a local anaesthetic cream is applied about 30 minutes before to numb the area and to decrease sensitivity whilst the treatment is performed. The non-surgical nose job resolves the need for expensive surgery which side effects can include scar formation.

This procedure is performed by our Senior Aesthetic Practitioners. It is a fast and painless treatment with minimum downtime allowing you to go back to your normal routine the very next day and the result is seen immediately. The effects can last up to one year.

Indications for non-surgical nose reshaping:

  • To improve Asymmetry
  • Correct contours of the nose
  • To smooth out bumps and depressions
  • To build the bridge of the nose
  • To create and build the tip of the nose
  • Nasal tip correction

During the consultation here at Fiore Aesthetics, your expectations will be discussed at length in your consultation with the doctor. Your nasal profile will be assessed and treated.

Following the procedure, there may be minimal swelling or redness which subsides in a few days. You will be given post-procedure instructions. A follow-up consultation can be arranged two weeks later if required.

Our Clients are always fully supported and informed before and after all our procedures.

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