Stretch Mark Reduction


From £300

Procedure Time

20-80 minutes

Recovery Time

2 to 4 weeks

Result Duration


Stretch Mark Removal

Ablative fractional laser treatment is for patients requiring a more intense treatment for stretch marks, whether old and white or new and purple all need resurfacing treatment to cause severe damage, which in turn allows your body to reproduce collagen and help to heal and reduce the appearance of the stretch marks on the body.

The recommendation is always six sessions as a minimum. Your body will reproduce its lost collagen; stretch mark reduction can take the time we have to remember they come over often a space of years, so a little patience is always s required when waiting for results. After this procedure, the body needs to heal properly. This is not an overnight result-driven procedure.

Our skin care specialists are committed and passionate about improving, as well as controlling any symptom of the disease.

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The Results

Reduced Spots

  • Reduction in depth

Reduced Infection

  • Colour change

Reduced Inflammation

  • Skin tone even

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The Procedure

  • Prior To Treatment

    Treatments of an ablative nature for stretch marks require the patient to have had no exposure to sunlight for at least four weeks before treatment and no direction for at least eight weeks after due to the severity of the procedure needed to help reduce stretch marks. A patch test is always done on a stretch mark to get a clear idea and knowledge for you and us as to how you will individually heal.

  • Treatment

    You will arrive where the patch test will be thoroughly assessed for us to be sure you are suitable. We will ask a few more questions and make sure your expectations are managed, and you have a clear understanding of the procedures time; you will be left with numbing cream on the area to be treated for 30 minutes, This will then be removed, and procedure will begin with the aid of cooling during the session.

  • What To Expect

    You will notice the stretch marks will seem raised and swollen, and a sore sensation will be there. Some patients experience a colour change, which can stay for as little as four weeks to a maximum of 8- 12 weeks. This depends on the specific patient’s ability to heal, and skin type also plays a part.

  • After Treatment

    Extreme heat will be felt after a stretch mark procedure due to the required depth. You will be advised to wear loose clothing after the procedure and for the next few days to avoid rubbing the area, and no hot baths or showers for 48 hors; please follow the clinic s aftercare guidelines and do not rub or pick any crusts that may form.

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Fractional Laser Stretch Mark Reduction FAQ

It can reduce them.

Minimum of 6

Variable depending on your body ability to heal.

I have gone through several cosmetic treatments at the clinic, they were all done professionally, and proper advice was provided before treatment was done. Results are great, and one can see the difference, plus a pleasant atmosphere. Highly recommended.
Eran B
Fiore Aesthetics Client

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