Laser Scar Reduction


From £250

Procedure Time

20-60 minutes

Recovery Time

2 to 4 weeks

Result Duration


Fractional Laser Treatment For Scars

Scar reduction treatment performed using fractional laser is a journey as scars are historically tough to treat, sometimes requiring a combination of treatments to get the best results. 

A patch test will be done on the corner of the scar so we can see exactly how the scar responds to a resurfacing laser. The treatment is a reasonably quick treatment with a numbing cream application to minimise any discomfort that can be felt.

Our dermatologists cure all kinds of acne, whether it is mild, moderate or severe. We provide the treatment on the severity of your disease and prescribe proper medication based on individual’s need.

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The Results

  • Reduced spots
  • Softening of scars
  • Reduced inflammation

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The Procedure

  • Prior To Treatment

    Any scar you would want to be treated must be a minimum of 6 months old and completely healed. An in-depth consultation and medical assessment are always done alongside a patch test to ensure this is the correct route for you and your scar concerns.

  • Treatment

    A patch test will need to have been performed at least seven days prior and will be thoroughly assessed before treatment to ensure that your scar will not keloid in any way. Once the practitioner is satisfied, the treatment can safely go ahead. A local anaesthetic will be applied alongside a cooling machine to manage the heat.

  • What To Expect

    The scar will be raised, red, and feel very hot and swollen to the eye and touch, which is normal and expected. The body heals slower than the face, so if the scar is on the body, it will often look worse before it gets better, and the downtime may be slightly more variable.

  • After Treatment

    Skin will take time to heal, please do not be in direct sun exposure with the scar that was treated, and try not to wear tight clothes over the scar whilst it is healing. SPF the scar daily.

Fractional Laser Scar Reduction FAQ



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