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Fractional Laser

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ResurFACE® Fractional Er:YAG
Laser (2940nm)

The award-winning ResurFACE® fractional Er: YAG laser delivers ablative treatments for dramatic rejuvenation results. Helping improve the appearance and smoothness of a patient's skin, ResurFACE® fractional laser delivers very similar treatments results as other, more aggressive treatments such as CO2 laser and injectable options but with very few side effects and a much shorter downtime period.

Resur Face Fractional Laser Awards Winner 2014

What Is Fractional Laser

Fractional Laser before-after


Fractional Laser is a revolutionary treatment that helps you remove years from your appearance and regain a more youthful look.

Whether you have sun damage, wrinkles or other signs of age, Fractional Laser treatment delivers remarkable results with fast recovery. So you can quickly return to work or other activities with renewed skin and renewed confidence.

The range of Fractional Laser treatments vary in aggressiveness, downtime, and number of procedures needed and results. The most aggressive treatment, Fractional Laser repair can produce dramatic improvement for severely damaged skin. This is a single treatment procedure but will require more downtime and after treatment wound care. Less aggressive treatments like Fractional Laser restore can produce significant results for mild to moderately damaged skin over the course of 3 to 6 treatments. Typically, there is no after treatment wound care with these treatments and downtime is minimal.


Fractional Laser before-after

How It Works – Fractional Laser  Skin Science

Think of your skin as a digital photo that is delicately touched up one spot at a time. Fractional Laser treatment, likewise, affects a fraction of tissue at a time with thousands of microscopic columns - each just one tenth the diameter of a hair follicle. Then your body takes care of the rest. The columns stimulate a natural healing process that works from the inside out replacing damaged tissue with younger, smoother, healthier skin.

The science of Fractional Laser treatment involves three key components:

  • The epidermis - the outer layer of our skin.
  • The dermis - sub-layers of skin that includes collagen and elastin.
  • Microscopic columns - rebuilding skin from the inside out.

Under the epidermis is a network of collagen and elastin which are proteins that keep your skin youthful and tight. But as you age and get more exposure those proteins simply break down faster than your body can rebuild them. As a result, your skin may start to sag and show damage like wrinkles, lines or spots.

This is where Fractional Laser laser treatment london can help. Microscopic columns penetrate deep into the dermis to create tiny wounds which trigger your body's natural response system to heal those wounds. This process expedites your body's remodeling of collagen and elastin which results in tighter, fresher, more youthful- looking skin. This is how Fractional Laser treatment creates new skin from the inside out.

Just as important are the areas of skin that Fractional Laser treatment doesn't touch. Because the treatment is so precise, the columns target only a fraction of skin at a time leaving the surrounding tissue intact. This 'fractional' treatment allows your body to heal the skin faster than if the entire area were treated at once.

What Fractional Laser  Treats

Regain the radiant skin of your youth

Regardless of the level of sun damage you have or if you just want prevention and maintenance, there's a Fractional Laser treatment for you. The Fractional Laser family of treatments has multiple FDA clearances. These include:

  • Repair
  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Furrows
  • Skin texture
  • Pigmented lesions (age/sun spots)
  • Sun-induced redness
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Restore
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Fine lines around the eyes
  • Pigmented lesions (age/sun spots)
  • Discolouration and uneven pigmentation
  • Melasma (mask of pregnancy)
  • Acne scars
  • Surgical scars


In short, Fractional Laser treatment creates smoother, fresher, healthier and younger-looking skin, improved tone, texture and pore size and the softening of wrinkles and lines. Fractional Laser Treatments

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