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Fat – Cellulite Reduction Injections

What is Meso Therapy for Fat / Cellulite Reduction

Our preferred product for fat dissolving meso is called Aqualyx. Which is an injectable compound made form deoxycholate family of acids. Aqualyx causes fat destruction. Helps to dissolve stubborn fat simply via injection so it is much less invasive than having surgery. Stubborn areas of fat can be resistant to regular exercise and a healthy controlled diet. Even a drastic diet and high intensity exercise can sometimes fail to shrink areas of fatty deposits. This is because of the way that our fat cells are structured in certain areas of our bodies. Our body naturally stores fat so that it can be used to release energy when required.

The body produces desoxycholan-acid; this is a bile acid which is made in the liver and helps the digestion of fat. Aqualyx contains this bile acid and its fat dissolving properties are utilised in this treatment making fat dissolving possible. Aqualyx locks onto the fat cells to make it unstable and weak. This then releases the content of fatty acid inside the cell itself. The body then uses up the fatty acid as energy and removes the cell residue in its normal way.

Fat Reduction Injection

What areas can you treat?

The entire body, but is only recommended for use on smaller area’s of localised fat.

Most common areas treated.

  • Double chin
  • Pre jowl sulcus
  • Upper arms
  • Arm pits
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Saddle bags
  • Knees
  • Fat depots on buttocks, chest and inner thighs

What happens during Treatment?

The treatment takes place in clinic in a sterile environment. We consult to makes sure you are a correct candidate for the treatment.

Photos will be taken of the areas to be treated so we can keep up to date with your progress from treatment 1-5.

The area will then be cleaned for treatment and it will begin. You will feel a little discomfort at the injection sites.

This feeling is temporary.

So what happens post treatment?

Post treatment you can expect swelling immediately on all areas that have been treated. plenty of redness and often a tingling sensation itching along with a little discomfort. Aqualix swells your fat cells until they effectively burst and expel naturally through the body.

Results with a continued healthier lifestyle are permanent. You can expect to see results after 2-3 treatments administered 4-6 weeks apart. Downtime in each area will be different the face area for example is 5-7 days for the body it is easier to disguise. The swelling that occurs.

You should avoid extreme heat and avoid strenuous exercise for the next seven days. As the fatty acids are being released it is essential to maintain a healthy diet as alternative fat depots in the body may be used to store the fat and drink lots of water.


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