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Electrolysis - Permanent Hair Removal Treatment In London

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Price Starting from £45

Electrolysis is an efficient way to remove hairs from the body and face. The chemicals and heat energy used in the process of electrolysis, destroys the center of the root of hair growth. An extremely fine probe is instilled in the hair follicle on the skin surface, following which the hair is pulled out by tweezers. Electrolysis hair removal treatment holds a successful track record in removing hair permanently.

What is the need for electrolysis?

The hormones and heredity factors are responsible for hair growth. Sometimes a serious illness, consuming drugs and undergoing temporary hair removal treatments might result in excessive hair growth. When this excessive growth takes place in the wrong body part, it becomes an embarrassing factor for the person. To control this, a permanent solution is needed and availing electrolysis in London serves the purpose effectively. 

Why should I choose electrolysis over temporary methods like waxing?

Electrolysis removes hairs permanently from the undesired parts of the body, which other temporary treatments don’t. In addition to this it can treat almost all kinds of skin and hair from the face and body.

The methods like threading, plucking hairs with tweezers and waxing are temporary ways of getting rid of hairs from your body. These may sometimes have serious side-effects like discoloration of the skin and hardening of hair. Using razors for shaving might lead to skin irritation and faster hair regrowth.

Following these methods might cost you a much greater price than undergoing an electrolysis session for a permanent solution.

How Many Electrolysis Treatments Will I Need?

There are many influential factors behind hair growth for which, you may need to visit your doctor for multiple sessions of electrolysis hair removal in UK. The exact number of visits required depends upon the case of the concerned person. To consider, if you want a treatment for multiple areas, you may need to go for weekly sessions as per the advice of your medical expert.

Besides, it gives the assured results after series of sessions of the treatment process, with a single session taking up to an hour maximum.

Is electrolysis actually permanent?

Yes, with electrolysis hair removal, the hairs are removed permanently with your safety maintained throughout the process. It can work effectively on every skin tone with any type of hair growth. It directly targets the root of hair follicle, restricting any regrowth in the treated area. The areas that can be treated with this successful method involves, chin, eyebrows, upper and lower lip, face sides, jaw line, underarms, bikini line, breasts, abdomen, toes and fingers, back and legs.

What is the cost of Electrolysis hair removal treatment? 

At ClinicaFiore, permanent electrolysis hair removal cost starts from £45. We are open Monday to Saturday from 11.00am – 8.00pm. To book an appointment, just give us a call on 020 7240 8600.

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