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Scars are undesired marks on your skin after an injury. When the deep, thick layer of skin is damaged, it forms scars to repair the wound. Most wounds, except the minor ones results scarring up to some degree. Scar results from accidents, surgeries or skin conditions like acne.

Causes of scars:

  • When the body forms new collagen fibres to mend the damage
  • When your body produces too much collagen
  • When underlying supporting skin is lost
  • When skin gets stretched rapidly (during pregnancy or growth of spurts
  • It may even occur due to acne, chicken pox or infections

Symptoms of scars:

  • Scare occurs at the site of tissue damage and appears as a firm red to purple.
  • Over the times, scars flatter and become lighter in color.
  • Scars can have pitted appearance.
  • Skin healing process results in scars.

Usually, there is no pain or physical discomfort associated with the scars. In order to remove scars with ugly appearance, several options like surgical excision, laser treatment, radiation, steroid injection are used. However, in case of larger scars located on elbows or knees, it affects the mobility and there is no treatment to remove such marks.




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