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Sagging Skin

Over time skin can look tired and can lose your natural charm and beauty. There are several reasons responsible for the skin to lose its spring and firmness. The most common factor due to which sagging of skin occurs is aging. The collagen, natural oils and elastins present in the skin diminishes with age and time.


Aging is the major reason for sagging and sloppy skin. Skin losses its natural oils and elasticity thus, making it more fragile and loose:

  • Ultraviolet radiations can aid to the process of aging which, in turn, results into early wrinkling. Exposure to UV light can break connective tissue of your skin, causing in losing the natural luster.
  • Cigarette intake during smoking can get mixed with the flow of blood and speed up the process of aging thus, causing skin sagging.
  • Unexpected loss of weigh over a short period of time can lead to skin sagging.


  • Fine lines and wrinkles form in the skin.
  • Pores often seem larger with time.
  • Development of furrows and cervices around your neck, eyes and mouth.

There are many treatments available that can be used to gain back youthful charm. Some preventive measures like using sun block (before getting out of your house) can help protect the skin from sun rays and prevent skin sagging.


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