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Rosacea is a kind of skin problem, in which causes facial redness, produces small and pus-filled bumps. It generally affects people above the age of 30. It causes redness on cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. Rosacea can also cause soreness and burning sensation in eyes. In severe cases, it is better to consult with dermatologist to feel better and have good skin.

Causes of rosacea:

  • People, who have light skin colour, are more prone to Rosacea than people of dark complexion.
  • Overpopulation of Microscopic mite.
  • Abnormalities of facial blood vessels.
  • Family histories, where ancestors are found with such issues, pass on this to future generation.
  • Some factors like spicy foods, sun exposure, extreme temperature, humidity, caffeine, hot drinks, dairy products, intense exercise, stress, anger and some medications also cause rosacea.

Symptoms of rosacea:

  • Patterns of redness on a person’s face.
  • Pimples, small bumps or acne-like breakouts.
  • Red, dry and irritated eyes.
  • Skin gets thicker with bumpy texture.
  • Red face with sensitivity, dry skin that can easily get hurt.
  • Small blood vessels become visible on the skin.

Early diagnosis and prompt action can reduce the risk of rosacea progression. Although, there is no clinical test for rosacea, general practitioners examine patients’ skin and may ask about the symptoms. The presence of blood vessels assists physicians to differentiate it from other skin disorder.


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