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What is Gynaecomastia?

It is a condition of male breast enlargement resulted from increase of gland tissue in the chest. It is common in phases of infancy, puberty, middle age and old age of men. It is different from pseudogynecomastia which is the fat deposits in breast area of men suffering from obesity. When gynaecomastia occurs in growing infants and boys in their puberty, it is called physiologic gynaecomastia that gets cured on its own with time.

Causes of Gynaecomastia

There are various causes of the embarrassing situation, such as:

  • Transfer of maternal estrogens
  • Low testosterone hormone levels
  • Angrogen resistance
  • Testicular tumours
  • Castration and trauma
  • Renal disease and dialysis
  • Viral orchitis
  • Adrenal tumours
  • Extreme stress and obesity
  • Some specific medications

Symptoms of Gynaecomastia

It is important to detect the problem at an early stage to get it treated on time. Some of its symptoms include:

  • Enlargement of one or both breasts
  • Uniform or uneven growth behind the nipples
  • Painful or tender breast or nipple
  • Presence of a breast bud in one or both sides of the chest
  • Nipple discharge, retraction of nipples and enlarged lymph nodes
  • One breast is affected in case of male breast cancer
  • Rarely noticed breast abscess in men
  • Swollen, reddish and painful breasts

You should not oversee any of these symptoms as prolonged ignorance could also lead to male breast cancer. Thus, make sure you visit our expert at Clinica Fiore, as soon as you notice any signs and symptoms.

Here at Clinica Fiore Skin Medica, we are able to treat the fatty pocket around the chest area only(Man Boobs). We are not able to look after the chest area glands or any discharge. If you experience swollen glands or discharge please contact your GP.



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