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Facial volume loss

Fuller jowls, strong jaw line and defined cheekbones helps in giving a proportional facial structure. Aging is the main reason for the loss of facial volume. As we grow old, our hormone level fluctuates and natural oil present in our skin diminishes. Our body is unable to produce enough Hyaluronic acid that helps in keeping our skin moist as we age. This results in thinner and drier skin that cannot hold optimum plumpness.

Causes for the loss of facial volume

  • Extreme dieting and exercising that leads to drastic loss in the weight of a person in a short period of time.
  • Receding of bone mass with age aids to this process. Changes in the cheekbone and jaw line structure can result in the loss of facial volume.
  • Extreme exposure to UV rays from sun can help in the process of aging.

Symptoms of loss in facial volume

  • Appearance of permanent parentheses lines when the face is at rest
  • Skin starts to sag after sudden weight loss
  • Cheeks may flatten with the passage of time

None of us can stop the process of aging, the important factor in loss of those youthful traits in a person. However, there are many ancient and modern treatments available that can help in regaining the lost volume of our skin.


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