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Excess Fat

Excess body fat is linked with major physical threats like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Whether it is a specific part with stubborn fat or you need to treat the entire body, excess fat is a common problem. With regular physical activities and low-fat diet, this problem can be cured.


Excess fat can pose a major threat to the longevity of health. Find the causes of excess fat below:

  • Eating too much solid fat can cause complications like obesity and cancer.
  • Excessive consumption of carbohydrates leads to body fat.
  • Lack of physical activity prevents the body fat from getting burned.
  • Genetic susceptibility also causes fatness, even if you eat less.


Overweight and excess fat are closely linked to other health problems. Therefore, the symptoms may look like this:

  • Big waist causing circumference more than 40 inches for men and 35 inches for woman
  • High blood sugar more than 100mg/dL
  • Higher BMI that can cause frequent hunger

Even if you focus to change your lifestyle by reducing excess body fat but are not getting fruitful results, look for various treatments available. Started from surgical to non-surgical ones, you can go for any of them, other than maintaining your regular diet.


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