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Cellulite is the herniation of fat that causes modularity and dimpling of skin. It is mostly developed in a person after they hit puberty. Women mostly suffer from the effects of cellulite because the fat distribution in their body primarily takes place around hips, buttocks and thighs. It is a common phenomenon that comes into play as a person grows older. Lean people suffer from this condition but it is much more noticeable in case of overweight person. Inactive lifestyle or pregnancy can increase the chances of having cellulite.


  • Hormones like estrogen, insulin, thyroid and many more are responsible for the development of cellulite.
  • This condition might be a genetic disorder and pass on to the children from their parents or grandparents.
  • Stressful life gives rise to the level of catecholamines that, in turn, leads to the formation of cellulite in your body.


  • Dimpled and bumpy skin sometimes referred as orange peel or cottage cheese texture.
  • Mild cellulite deposition can be detected on pinching the area around thighs.
  • Severe cellulite gives a bumpier and rumpled appearance of the skin with valleys and peaks over the affected area.

It is a complex condition that arises due to various reasons ranging from heredity to hormones. Lifestyle choices like smoking, excessive intake of fried food and body fat can lead the buildup of cellulite in your body.


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