Carly Simmons

Clinica Manager

Carly Simmons is a London born skin therapist with 22 years of experience in beauty and aesthetic practices. Qualified in levels 1,2 and 3 she practiced as a skin and beauty specialist in the centre of London finding her feet in the razzle-dazzle environment of Covent garden where she accumulated many clients from theatre and TV who were her dedicated clients for up to 18 years.

You will find Carly or hear Carly at the Front of the house of Clinica Fiore. Flavio the owner of Clinica Fiore was a client of Carly’s for 15 years where he earmarked her for a future in his planned clinic, they bonded over their passion for the beauty and aesthetic field.

They now have created a formidable knowledgeable duo at the forefront of Clinica Fiore. Carly is passionate about her work and making sure everyone who arrives feels special and gets the superstar treatment and aftercare.

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